Heart Rate Calculator

Heart Rate Calculator


In order for your exercise to be more effective, you need to know what your target heart rate is when it is an ideal sport.

Various studies have shown that fat will be burned more and muscles are formed properly when a person reaches the target heartbeat.

This heart rate depends on the age and intensity of the exercise. Average ideal heart rate targets when exercising, namely:

  • Low-intensity exercise: below 60% of maximum heart rate.
  • Moderate exercise intensity: 50-60% of maximum heart rate.
  • High intensity exercise: 70-85% of maximum heart rate.

If you want to do aerobic exercise more effectively, the target heart rate that must be achieved is 55-85% and should last for 20-30 minutes. Of course your heart rate when you jog with yoga will be different.

How to calculate your target heart rate during exercise

Before calculating what your heart rate is when exercising, you must first know what your heart rate is at rest. Ideally, a resting heart rate is better calculated in the morning after you wake up.

According to the National Institute of Health, the average resting heart rate is:

  • Children over 10 years, adults and the elderly: 60-100 beats per minute
  • Athletes: 40 - 60 beats per minute

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