Skin Blisters for Most of the Way, These are 4 Tips to Prevent It

Skin Blisters for Most of the Way, These are 4 Tips to Prevent It


Imagining a day of walking around the mall, would make a sore leg. Not only that, the skin of the feet can also blister. Whether it's near the heel or around the pinkie or big toe. You certainly don't want this to happen, right? Don't worry, follow some ways to prevent foot blisters from most of the paths below.

How to prevent foot blisters due to most roads

Most walking can blister your skin. This condition occurs due to skin irritation due to friction and continuous pressure. Usually, this happens if the shoes or flat shoes that you wear are narrow in size.

Friction and pressure between the skin and shoes cause little damage to the tissue under the skin. Then, the liquid will accumulate right in the layer.

Sometimes blisters can also contain blood if they injure small blood vessels around the feet.

If observed, these blisters form small, transparent lumps that feel soft and tender to the touch. So that your walk is not disturbed, follow how to prevent blistered feet that are quoted from the Cleveland Clinic website below.

1. Choose the right shoes

Going for a walk, not only concerned with dress style but also comfort. One of them, the choice of shoes to be used.

The first way to prevent foot blisters due to incorrect choice of footwear, choose shoes that are not narrow. Give a little space remaining when using shoes. That way, it will provide some relief and make it easier for the legs when walking. Friction that occurs also becomes less.

Avoid the use of shoes that are still new for walking in a long time, especially those that are very fitting for feet.

2. Apply moisturizer to the feet

The next way to prevent foot blisters is to use a foot moisturizer. Moisturizer can work as a lubricant that protects moisture while minimizing the occurrence of friction between the shoe and foot skin.

You can use petroleum jelly, powder and antiperspirants containing aluminum chloride. These three products are often used by athletes to keep their feet dry while preventing blisters from forming during their training.

3. Wear socks

In addition to using moisturizer, you can also prevent blister foot skin by wearing proper socks. Choose socks made from soft so that the skin does not rub against the socks. You can use socks made from acrylic or polypropylene.

Before using it to walk far, first use the socks. Try whether the socks make your shoes feel tight or not. If so, choose thinner socks.

4. Use tape

Socks are not the only choice to protect foot skin from friction. You can use a plaster covering the wound on the foot as a way to prevent skin blisters.

Use in areas prone to friction, which is around the heel and the little finger.

5. Rest and bring sandals to spare

The last way to prevent blister foot skin is to rest. If you start to feel discomfort in your leg area, stop walking.

It is also important to bring spare sandals so that when you feel pain and blisters on the feet due to most roads you can replace them.

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Reviewed: July 24, 2019 | Last Edited: July 24, 2019


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