3 Tips for Treating Sick Ear During Colds and Colds

3 Tips for Treating Sick Ear During Colds and Colds


When colds and colds occur, one of the most common complaints besides nasal congestion is ear pain. This pain is actually not too intense, but feels quite annoying, especially when you swallow something in the throat. So, what can be done to reduce pain in the ear during colds and colds?

Why do you feel pain when you have a cold?

Colds and colds will usually both make the ear canal as if blocked. That is why, you may often complain of pain and obstruction, such as difficulty in hearing or a deafness in the ear during colds and colds.

Complaints are usually more apparent when you swallow saliva, food, or drinks in the throat. Richard Rosenfeld, MD, MPH, as lecturer and chair of authorinolaryngology at the State University of New York Downstate Medical Center in New York, explained the cause of the condition.

According to him, the flu and colds can cause ear pain due to inflammation due to a viral infection that attacks the eardrum. Because the virus that causes colds and colds can infect the entire respiratory tract of the body.

That is, starting from the nose, throat, to the eustachian tubes that connect the ears and throat, also bear the impact. The virus that causes flu and colds will cause a buildup of fluid as well as in the ear.

The liquid and mucus then clog the eustachian tubes. As a result, you will experience a sore throat when you swallow, which then spreads to the ears during colds and colds.

How to cope with sore ears when the flu?

As the flu and cold recovers, the aching and tingling ears will usually gradually subside. However, sometimes the recovery process is time consuming and uncertain depending on your condition.

So that, it never hurts to try to treat your own flu and cold complaints on this one in order to make you more comfortable on the move.

Well, here are some ways you can do to treat sore ears during colds and colds:

1. Take flu and cold remedies

Because of complaints of diseased ears such as the budek due to colds and colds, then one treatment can use drugs. We recommend that you first treat the flu and cold symptoms that you are experiencing, so that later on the ear disorders can improve.

Various drug choices that can be taken include Tylenol (acetaminophen), Advil or Motrin (ibuprofen), to help relieve earaches. In addition, drugs containing decongestants and antihistamines can also relieve complaints of pain in the ear during colds, colds, allergies, or sinuses.

Before taking it, consult with your doctor or pharmacy about the type of drug and the best dosage according to your condition.

2. Use a hot compress

In addition to taking medication, you can also open up a blockage of fluid or mucus in the eustachian tubes using hot compresses. The trick, just prepare hot or warm water in a container, then use a towel to compress the part around the ear.

You can also direct the hot steam from the container toward the ear. Both ways will make the steam rise and enter the ear canal, thereby loosening the blockage of fluid and mucus.

Pain in the ear during the flu and colds will gradually recover.

3. Provision of antibiotics from doctors

Sometimes, pain in the ear during colds and colds can also trigger the entry of bacteria. In this case, the doctor will usually prescribe antibiotics to deal with flu and cold symptoms, as well as complaints on the ears.

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Reviewed: July 11, 2019 | Last Edited: July 11, 2019


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